Our Goals

Goal 1: Create a framework for long term collaboration

The broad goals of the Nigerian Election Working Group (NEWG) are first, to create a framework for long-term collaboration between researchers, practitioners and other stakeholders on Nigeria’s electoral process and responding to its challenges.

Goal 2: Provide sustainable technical and strategic support

Second, through this collaboration, provide sustain technical and strategic support to key agencies and institutions involved in election administration in Nigeria.

Goal 3: Provide an intellectual and moral voice

Third, provide an intellectual and moral voice in support of electoral reforms and improved election management in Nigeria

 Goal 4: Encourage a strong culture of elections

Fourth, encourage the emergence of a strong culture of elections and contribute to democratic consolidation in Nigeria.

On the other hand, the specific objectives of the projects are to:

(a) conduct evidence-based research on electoral reform and election management;
(b) promote regular collaboration on these issues among researchers, civil society organizations, and development partners;
(c) establish a database of research, policy documents, laws, and guidelines on election-related matters;
(d) promote the study of elections through the establishment of an electoral studies association of Nigeria; and
(e) host a web portal.