Establishment of NEWG

The Nigerian Election Working Group (NEWG) was established to sustain achievements in electoral reforms and conduct of elections in Nigeria through a group of credible Nigerians who are knowledgeable in election research and practical election management, to bring their theoretical knowledge and field experience to the sustained study of elections in the country.

Through the work of NEWG, the group will enhance the work of key electoral agencies and institutions by providing policy advise, reliable data and strategic support. The Group would also make general recommendations and serve as a moral voice in support of sustained electoral reforms and consolidation of democracy in Nigeria.

The NEWG is funded by the MacArthur Foundation through a grant that is targeted supporting the following:

The conduct of evidence-based research on electoral reform and election management.

Promote regular collaboration on these issues among researchers, civil society organizations, and development partners.

Establish a database of research, policy documents, laws, expert opinions, and guidelines on election-related matters.

Promote the study of elections through the establishment of an electoral studies association of Nigeria and host a web portal.

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